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How to overcome performance anxiety
Clinaclly  proven effects of Virmax / VirmaxX39
Clinaclly proven effects of Virmax / VirmaxX39

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Erectile Dysfunction can strike at any age or stage and is probably the single most demoralizing factor in a man's life. Some men with this condition shy away from sexual relationships and have poor self-esteem. Surveys have shown that four per cent of men actually do not do anything about their ED condition and hope that it will go away.

Erectile dysfunction can be complete failure to have an erection, a limp or flaccid penis unable  to penetrate the vagina or loss of erection before ejaculation are all symptoms of ED.

Men is programmed to solve problems themselves generally, they do not seek support from others and not able to relieve stress easily, most of time, stress effects the overall health and also is the biggest cause of deteriorating effects of Erectile Dysfunction amongst young men.

For most men stress and pressure is so everyday occurrence that it has become a way of life and this is the one of the reasons Erectile Dysfunction is on the increase amongst younger men.

While the stress remains, the body continues to be aware and are unable to heal the damage. As level of resistance continues, physical weakness sets in, and stress-related performance anxiety may result. Extended direct exposure to performance anxiety diminishes the body's energy supplies and can even lead to further mental and physiological health problems.
Amongst younger men, psychological issues are the likeliest cause for erectile dysfunction
If you have involuntary erections such as early in the morning or when sleepy than probable cause is emotional / psychological.

Erectile Dysfunction may be caused by diabetes, arteriosclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, prostate problems, circulation problems or spinal injuries, among other conditions.

Blood pressure drugs, medications for lowering cholesterol, anti-depressant drugs, tranquilizers, and even over-the-counter medications, such as antihistamines, Some prescription medications may interfere with erections. Certain kinds of operations may also cause impotence such as Prostate or bladder surgery.

One  instance of Erectile Dysfunction may leads to repetitive ED symptoms

With the start of ED, most men reacts with negative emotions, first ED experience can be a defining moment in men’s life as severe event.

As a result of Erectile Dysfunction, depression, hopelessness, unhappiness, anxiety, and melancholy has been known to occur. An affected man may turn to the Alcohol for comfort and ease, or have self-destructive thoughts and a general sense of the futility of existence.

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Virmax / VirmaxX39 facilitates you combat erectile dysfunction for harder and longer lasting erections but additionally boost your overall sexual performance and libido, enhances orgasm pleasure and provides quicker recovery after ejaculation for subsequent rock hard erections without compromising on your health or causing any side effects so you can focus your energy on enjoying the experience to the fullest .

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20 to 30 years old men               30 to 40 years old men          40 to 50 years old men            50 to 60 years old men              60 to 70 years old men
   Statistics By, National Institute of Health  -  USA  
3 - 4 % of men effected           4 - 6 % of men effected         6 - 12 % of men effected       18 - 29 % of men effected          50 - 69 % of men effected
• Physical Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction
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Causes of erectile dysfunction by age group